Privacy Policy

At , we always work to uphold the confidence and information you have placed in us. We also work as hard as we can to safeguard it as effectively as we can. We want to let you know with this privacy statement that Relief Metromedi has granted us permission to collect, store, and utilise your personal information for the services we provide.

Please take note that in this sentence, Metromedi Relief is referred to as We/Our in the document, and the person using our website or services is referred to as You.


Please be aware that everything you provide to our online counsellors during sessions will not be shared with Metromedi Relief, its employees, agents, or any third-party contractors, including the counsellors themselves.

Metromedi Relief will only share information with our specialists verbally or in writing if we firmly believe that it poses a grave risk to your safety, your health, or the safety of others. Or, if a law or other authority has a requirement for such information. Calls may be monitored and recorded for the purposes of quality assurance, training, and ensuring exceptional customer service.

Sharing Content:

When it comes to exchanging your data, we might do so with organisations that are formally associated with the same corporate family as Metromedi Relief.

However, we reserve the right to omit any informational components that could be used to identify you. We will mix the data so that it cannot possibly be connected to you and retain complete anonymity.

if you publish your personal information or data to any social media account, it may be shared by others, reposted by us, or used by technical professionals at Metromedi Relief for analysis, research, or studies.

Additionally, we ask that you always keep your account private and secret. The confidentiality of the User's password and User identity is your sole responsibility. Metromedi Relief disclaims all liability and obligation for any improper use of data pertaining to the User's online or offline use of credit cards and/or debit cards.