About us

MetroMedi Relief - We hope and strive towards making lives better through Best Online Counselling Services in India.

  • MetroMedi Relief offers you safe and private online counselling services from the convenience of your own home.
  • Our online mental health counsellors, online psychotherapists, and online therapists communicate with you by phone, video call, chat, or email to discuss issues.
  • We assist you in dealing with them in the most efficient manner possible.

Our top online therapists, psychologists, psychotherapists, and counsellors will help you with depression, stress, anxiety, pre-marital & post-marital counselling, break-ups, divorce, love failures, sex problems, relationship problems, stress at work, parenting challenges, career, motivation, negative thinking, overthinking, panic attacks, phobias, work-life balance, sleep disorders, Insomnia Counselling, and the endless subjects that you feel like.

In addition to the best online therapy, if our top online psychologists believe that a face-to-face counselling session is required, we can arrange for it as well. You'll be able to access our services from any area in the world. You can communicate with our best online therapists and leading online psychotherapists in any language you like.